Parents, this is for you. Love, it’s a huge word. It was designed to be huge. It was designed to be sacrificial and everlasting.
Unfortunately, society has done a great injustice to the word love; it has distorted what love truly is.
The example I’m using today is in regards to our children (no matter the age). Society has made some parents and children believe love means you support and agree with every decision your child makes in order to promote peace and harmony in the world, no matter how much it will hurt them in the long run. 

My fellow parents, that is NOT love. Love is hard! Sometimes in order to unconditionally love, there absolutely has to be conflict. Yes, conflict! 

I do not and will not agree with and support the decisions my children make 100% of the time. My job is to continue to point them to Christ, even when they shut me out, and to be there to dust them off when they fall-that does not mean I am to bail them out if every situation. 

That, my friends, is a small part of what love truly is.